Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sanrio You Disgust Me :-(

Yesterday's post was a bit serious...I guess I have to balance it out with something a little lighter.

My wife didn't tell me about her dirty little Hello Kitty secret until we had been dating several months; by then I was too in love with her to hold it against her. I guess it makes sense that a future librarian likes stuffed cats (granted a cat that looks part alien and part demon possessed). It's certainly isn't as bad as her love affair with those creepy little garden gnomes, but I digress.

When Diana sent me the pictures below, all I could do is ask why? Why would someone want a house that is Hello Kitty in every way? It's just wrong. I don't know where this house is or even if people live in it. I just know it's weird.


diana said...

at least i don't have simpson seat covers in my car. and you are 30. shame.

Scott Douglas said...

if you saw the stain that the seat covers cover (and trust me you do not want to know what or where the stain came from) it wouldn't seem so shameful!

Roland Saint-Laurent said...

I hate that mongloid cat with every fiber of my body.

I also noticed that this is your second post to have a frowny face. Keep it up.