Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amazon Price Hike

Amazon raised the price of Quiet, Please by two dollars over the weekend! They have a couple newest copies in the $9.50 if you want a bargain. It makes a great gift for all those incoming library school grads! And the best part about buying it used is I don't see a dime!

In other news, Unshelved currently has Quiet, Please as the weeks ad! And go here to see the blurb the author of the series gave the book.

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akoke13 said...

Scott...I have to confess...like any good librarian out there I placed a hold on your book and got it via ILL :) I feel like we've experienced the same patrons and co-workers. It's great stuff! Your sense of humor is wicked good. I'm still reading it...so maybe...just maybe if it's worthy enough for my personal shelves, I'll buy it ;)