Friday, July 4, 2008

Acres of Books

A few months back, I spoke of the closure of one of SoCal's finest books stores: Acres of Books. LA Observed has posted a new article about Ray Bradbury speaking there, and if you even have the slightest love of bookstores, then you should read Bradbury's words.

Bradbury thinks it's bad that Downtown LA doesn't have a bookstore...he should come to Anaheim! The largest bookstore is a whole in the wall shop in Downtown Disney that devotes almost as much space to it's coffee as it does it's books. Even Anaheim's cherished used bookstore, The Book Baron, closed its doors this year.

When record stores and big bookstores are almost non-existent, chain stores like Target and Costco only carry bestsellers at best, and even libraries frequently only have enough money for hot titles, where exactly are we supposed to go discover new talent?

If you haven't visited your local independent record or bookstore lately, then you better get to it before it's too late...

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