Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can Anyone Stop Wii?

Nintendo took a risk when they decided to introduce a system (Wii) that was more about games than graphics, and it paid off.

Yesterday they announced they are taking another risk by trying to compete against Rock Band and Guitar Hero with their new game Wii Music.

They are going at it with full force it seems, as this game won't just have a guitar and will have 50 instruments! Everything from piano to, I pretty sure, a cow bell! It looks like it will even work with the traditional controllers so there's no need to buy extra stuff (except for the Wii Balance board, which is used as a drum kick).

I think the best thing about this game is, unlike other games, this one actually teaches you to play the drums.

I remember when the first Guitar Hero came out for PS2 several years ago, and all I could think was "that would be cool if it actually thought you how to play the guitar." I've said the same thing about every came that's come after it.

I hope this game succeeds and proves that it is possible to make learning fun and interactive.

It looks like the game will have a Christmas 2008 launch.

The real risk is going to be trusting gamers will buy a music game that doesn't have big pop songs; they didn't say what the song selection would be, but they did preview it with the soundtrack to Mario Brothers. Will kids play a game if they don't know the song? Time will tell.

The other drawback is there is said to be no scoring system; you simply play the game for fun and not points...kind of a weird concept considering most teens and even adults are used to playing a game until they win.

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