Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Predictions of 2008

Mark my words, the device known as chumby, will become as common in the house as the remote control; it's cute, trendy, and really cool! Check it out:

Apple is going to come out with a lightweight computer that everyone thinks is the coolest thing sense the last coolest thing from Apple; they haven't announced it yet, but everyone knows they will (if they don't announce it at the Mac Expo next week, they will in September in Paris). But if you really want a lightweight, travel companion check out the Asus. I gurantee you it's less than whatever Apple will charge (Amazon sells it for $350), and it runs Linux. Check it out:

Apple is going to continue to copy what other people already have did (they did it with the iPod, the iPhone, heck they even copy the idea of a graphical user interface from Xerox way back in the day...nothing they do is orignal). I expect an iPod Touch that is borderline PDA--complete with a eBook reader that competes with Amazon Kindle (they have silently wanted to get into that game ever sense Amazon silently pissed them off by offering an MP3 solution that was better than iTunes). As already mentioned, they'll have a lightweight notebook. An iPod touch with a larger capacity is a given, but I also suspect they'll try and reinvent the iPod classic (perhaps with built in wi-fi).

Google will unleash a phone that makes everyone forget about the iPhone. And than they'll develop something that I wish I would have thought of that will send their stock soaring above $1,000.

Richard Yates
Richard Yates will be Hollywood's latest wonderboy thanks to a new movie based on Revolutionary Road that is due out next year. Several of his other books will be optioned, and Oprah will pick one of his lesser known books (Who am I kidding? All his books are lesser known) for her book club, which will make even more people interested in him. At some point people will realize that he's dead.

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