Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Favorite of Everything Else

Wii Zapper with Links Crossbow Training
I'm a sucker for the Wii. Twenty bucks for a game accesory and a game...gee I wonder why it's outselling xBox and PS3's!

Amazon Kindle
Let me explain something to you Amazon: you can't tell people this will do for books what the iPod did to music and then put a $399 price tag on it! It's a great concept, but people just don't read like they used to, so you can't expect them to fork out that kind of money. People just don't care about books that much! Sad, but true. Cut the price in half, add some more (like a full Internet browswer) and we'll be in business!

I'm not a fan of the iPhone. It's expensive and not that pretty. But I like it because it has touch! I like it because all the phone companies are going to start rolling out models real soon with the touch concept in mind.

The Year of GPS
GPS's have been around for years. This year, however, it seemed to be the year that price caught up wtih the consumer, and it became the 'it' present at Christmas. I got one last year, and don't leave home with out it. If you don't have one, get one, you will be amazed!

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