Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Favorite Albums of the Year

There is no better way to start the new year then to think about what was good about last year. In no order here are my favorite albums of the year.

Neon Bible (Arcade Fire)
I liked this album a lot more before William Butler, the bassist, flirted with my fiance before a concert at the Greek.

Once Soundtrack
I knew nothing about the Frames when I saw once, so this was kind of like the surprise of the year for me. I haven't heard a performer with so much emotion in his voice in quite some time. When he signs about loving someone, I actually sort of believe him.

Because of the Times (Kings of Leon)
I saw these guys open for Dylan at the Forum, and I thought they sounded like crap; they played some stuff from this record that hadn't been released, and I wanted to vomit. What a year did for these guys, because when they finally did cut it on a record it sounded awesome! This is what good old fashion rock and roll should be!

Sing Song (Little Ones)
It's a 2006 disc, but it's new to me. I didn't expect much from this band when I saw them open for the Cold War Kids at a 826 benefit concert at Spaceland. I dare say they stole the show, and gave a performance that was incredible. This is a short disc; I can't wait to see what they do on a longer record.

Icky Thump (White Stripes)
I would have liked this CD a whole lot more if I had been given the chance to see them perform it live, but, alas, Meg had to be allegedly sick, and the tour was cancelled. Still this band and this record remain on my list if, for nothing else, the bagpipes on St. Andrew!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love "Neon Bible!" The Robbie Seay Band's "Rise" and Radiohead's "In Rainbows" were great, too.