Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've Been Bootlegged! Sort of...

When I hear about musicians having their albums on the Internet months before the release date, I get a bit jealous. I have waited for the day when I too will have something leaked long before the release date. Now it's happened! The proof copy of my book is currently being sold online at an East Coast bookstore.

This copy is full of errors and typos and a bit different from the one bookstores will sale in April, but if your a collector of uncorrected things then this copy is for you. And best of all, I get absolutely no royalties off the sale! So if you want to buy the book, but hate the idea that some poor author is going to make a few cents off the purchase of the book, then rest assured, I won't!

If you are interested, then go here:

I don't know how many copies they have, but I'm guessing only act now, take pictures of every single page, and upload it onto bittorrent so other people can have the pleasure of reading it with the comfort of knowing I will make nothing!

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