Monday, January 7, 2008

Best & Worst Concerts of 2007

Bob Dylan - Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa CA (July 26, 2007)
Seeing Bob Dylan perform isn't really a concert as much as it is an experience. I posted a short video would have been more, but security was cracking down on everyone trying to get a crappy video of the bard performing (I kid you not, they literally passed in front of people smoking pot, looked at the pot, and kept on walking to tell people to put their cameras away!). I've seen him play twice and both times have been amazing.

The Shins - Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles CA (April 15, 2007)
I could brag for a day about how awesome the Orpheum Theatre is (FYI, it's an old vaudeville theatre that's been around since the hey days of Hollywood), but I won't. More often then not concerts seem to be a group of people singing, but not really caring about what they sing. The Shins appeared to actually want to be there performing.
Muse - The Forum, Inglewood CA (April 10, 2007)
I hadn't even heard about Muse until earlier last year when my fiance turned me on to them. There records are good, but you haven't seen anything until you see them live. I have never gone to a concert with so much energy and audience response.
Wolfmother - The Gove of Anaheim, Anaheim CA (May 9, 2007)
If you want to see a concert with awesome guitar solos, look no further then this band! Lyrically they are lousy, but man can they rock out!
The Arcade Fire - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA (May 29, 2007)
Nothing beats watching a great concert in the fresh open airs of Los Angeles, CA! This is another great band to check out live...if, for nothing else, to watch how they each change instruments throughout the concert.

Honorable Mentions
Mirah - Troubadour, West Hollywood CA (February 10, 2007)
Cold War Kids - Echoplex, Echo Park, Los Angeles CA (June 12, 2007)
Sonic Youth - Greek Theater, Los Angeles CA (July 20, 2007)
The Zombies - Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim CA (March 17, 2007)
Sunset Rubdown - Troubadour, Hollywood CA (April 24, 2007)

Dishonorable Mentions
Cold War Kids - Wiltern, Los Angeles CA (11/23/07). I think this is one of the best new bands out there, but let's face it...they absolutely sucked at this show! They appeared drunk at times, were not in sync with one another, seemed tired, and just did not seem like they wanted to be there.

Collective Soul - Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA (October 15, 2007). I have been the biggest closet fan of Collective Soul since the 90s. When my job offered free tickets to see them, I couldn't pass it up. It's hard to complain when the tickets were free, but they were pretty sad. The leader singer was a pretty boy who had the biggest ego I have ever seen attached to the singer of a band that is not popular anymore. It's not that they were bad...they just weren't good.

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