Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amazon Kindle - Day Four, Other Exerimental Features

To get to the Web, you go into the Kindles experimental area; this is why I suspect they might not give free Internet in the's just an experiment.

There are currently two other things in this area. NowNow and Music. NowNow works a bit like ChaCha; basically Amazon has a site called AskVille (which looks an awful lot like Yahoo! Answers); when you ask a question, it goes to a person at AskVille, who sends you three answers straight to your Kindle within about 30 minutes. 
From Kindle
From Kindle
The music area is where you go if you have loaded any MP3's onto your Kindle; unfortunately, you can't have the MP3 on your SD card and you have to randomly play the song (you also can't skip it); Amazon didn't want to make a MP3 player and it is clear; it's simply meant to be background music while you read. It's a bit of a shame they didn't make it a MP3 player on top of a reader, because the built in speakers are pretty nice.

Hitting the ALT M key will bring up a Kindle version of the game Minesweeper; I don't know why this is a hidden feature, but it is.
From Kindle
Finally, the Kindle can also be used as a photo viewer. You can either drag and drop the the picture into your Kindle, or email a JPEG to your Kindle email address, and for .10 cents it will automatically load onto the device.
From Kindle


Anonymous said...

I've tried using Audible with my Kindle and have downloaded several audiobooks to the Kindle. The Audible format keeps the book all in one folder which works well with the Kindle's folder structure.

Megan said...

I have used my Kindle to transfer audiobooks which are not part of Audible. Libraries in Kansas have access to free downloadable books. I transferred these files to the Audible folder while connected through the USB cable. I have not had any trouble with this!

tpixie said...

Megan-- How do you transfer the KS Library Card book to Audible to use on your Kindle? And is it to Audible download manager?