Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Standard

My list of top five best hotels has a new addition, and no, it's not Circus, Circus (although that is a fine hotel). It is the Standard in Los Angeles. Diana and I stayed there on the last leg of our vacation, because we did not want to drive back to Orange County after the New Kids on the Block concert.

I wasn't expecting much from the hotel; I had been there briefly, but only to the roof top bar (which is a most to checkout if you're in the downtown area), and it looked trendy, but I didn't imagine the rooms to be anything more then something you'd see at a Holiday Inn.

Below is my picture tour of the hotel that now ranks number three on my list of great ones...

The bed was a on a platform, so it was basically 12 inches off the ground. Notice in the background there's glass windows...that's the shower! So when you take a shower, you stare right into the bedroom.

Part of what made the hotel so cool was the ironic, comedic little things throughout the this condom! Talk about instructions everyone could follow!

This is a fresh new roll of toilet paper! Again...great instructions!

The top floor of the hotel is open to the public in the day (I think there's a charge at night). These water beds are great for reading a book!
You can't stay in a great hotel without a beautiful lady!

My new favorite shirt!
More lodge seating on the top floor.
I'd love to see what this roof top floor looks like in an earthquake.

And FYI, what is my current list of top five hotels? They are as follows:

1. Waldorf Astoria - New York, NY
2. The Palace Hotel - San Francisco, CA
3. The Standard - Los Angeles, CA
4. Jeremiah Essex House - New York, NY
5. Century Plaza - Los Angeles, CA


Anonymous said...

A shower right by the bed? If those walls could talk, I'm sure they'd have plenty of awkward stories.

Love the shirt, by the way.

Helen said...

I love the photo of you two love birds. But seriously, I would NOT go for showering in full view of the bedroom. I would tell my hubby to look out the window for about 10 minutes when I was in there. Otherwise the place looks awesome!

Scott Douglas said...

All I could think was: boy, imagine if you were sharing the room with someone on a business trip! Totally awkward!

Peter Warnock said...

I went to a seminar at the Sofitel, across from the Beverly Center. The buffet was delicious and the service was impeccable.