Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber?

Was anyone else sick of hearing about Joe the Plumber last night in the Presidential debate? I was sick to the point that I wanted to find out who poor ol Joe actually is. Turns out he actually he's A.) not a licensed plumber B.) Obama's tax plan has nothing to do with him...yet; Joe the plumber is just worried that he might eventually be affected if his business takes off.

What's most interesting about Joe, however, is the gossip around him...namely that he very well could be related to Charles Keating, who was involved in a banking scandal in the eighties and has ties to McCain. Apparently, Keating's son-in-law is Robert Wurzelbacher, who was involved with another banking scandal that he served 40 months for. What's mighty Joe's last name? Wurzelbacher. I wouldn't make the connection if his last name was Smith, but how many Wurzelbacher's are there in Ohio?

So is Joe really just a poor guy hoping to achieve the American dream? Or is he McCain's tool?


Angeline said...

1. I really liked your book and could completely relate to it. Today I literally am making the transition from page to librarian--well, "librarian" for now since I'm still working on my bachelor's degree...then on to the MLIS. The nature of your co-workers and patrons matches that of the Oak Lawn Public Library (located right outside of Chicago) where I'm currently at until some time in November when I'm moving on to becoming a librarian somewhere else.

2. If people just read the review of your book, they would see that it's great, but to read it and know why it has good reviews would be the whole point of your book. I mean shouldn't I encourage the librarian I was talking to to read your book? :) (It was at the time already on another librarian's desk waiting to be read.)

3. You found my entry quickly! Do you check Google for any new mention of your book daily?

4. This comment doesn't realte to the debate. I sorry.

Scott Douglas said...

3. Of course I don't do a Google search daily...that would take too much time. I have Google Alerts notify me! I love that feature.

Angeline said...
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Angeline said...

I'm sorry I sorta re-said what I had said and then deleted it. I wrote you that big, long comment and it disappered. So I went and re-did it when it turns out Blogger already submitted it for me.