Friday, October 3, 2008


This blog is being posted on auto-feed. By this time, I should be on my way to Baton Rouge with my wife where I will be presenting at the Louisiana Book Festival over the weekend.
Those who will be in the area on Saturday, October 4th, I hope you stop by. I'll be giving a solo performance at 10, and a co-presentation with Alex V. Cook called "Blogging is Writing, Too...Or Is It?" Alex is the author of Darkness, Racket and Twang: Essential Listening from the Fringes of Popular and keeps a blog here...check it out, and while your at it, buy his book; I haven't had a chance to read it (planning on reading it on the plane), but it looks good.

I'll bring back a picture or two (and perhaps a video) to share when I return in a week.
For the next week, all of the post here are on auto-feed (I promise they won't be boring!), as I am taking a brief vacation to New Orleans following the festival, and then flying back to L.A. on Thursday to see the New Kids on the Block at the Staple center (don't's just one of those things I have to do to keep my wife happy! I am, however, ashamed to admit I was a fan of a few of their songs in junior high, so they better not be playing new material on Thursday night.)

There are a lot of things lining up for October. The most important being, fingers crossed, a new book in the works; I spent much of September (and random parts of the summer) hashing out a proposal with the help of my agent, and it's now time to sell.

There's not a lot I'll say about the new book at this point...except that it's not a sequel to "Quiet, Please." The handful of people I've told about the book all seem to think the idea is a good one, and I hope you do to.

I also hope to have a new dispatch up on McSweeney's in late October, early November, and am working on selling a couple of humor articles.

So enjoy a week of impersonal, auto-feed, blogs. I'll see you in cyberland next week...

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Anonymous said...

Taking your wife to see New Kids on the Block? Now that's devotion!

I'm interested in what the next book will be about.