Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain & the Computer Hack

According to a new statistic, 35% of all Americans would pick their BlackBerries to their spouses. This makes me think two things: 1.) Maybe I should get a BlackBerry, and 2.) Why aren't more people frightened by the fact that the man who could be President does not know how to use a computer?

That statistic tells me that understanding technology is more important to politics than ever. Even the current President knows how to use it...granted he says things like, "I've used 'The Google'" but at least he knows what "The Google" is...kind of.

Adding to the problem is the revelation that Sarah Palin's email was hacked. I use the word "hacked" loosely, because it wasn't really hacked as much as guessed into. What worries me about this is she was careless about how she set the email up; when I read how it was "hacked" into I couldn't believe what I was was all too simple. You didn't have to be a hacker; you just had to know how to do a bit of research.

It's awfully sad that McCain's hands start to hurt if he uses the computer too much because he was a prisoner of war and was badly beaten. But guess what? There's voice recognition software out there so you don't even have to type.

The Internet is not going away. If some retired farmer in Kansas doesn't want to learn it because he got by fine for 70 years without it, fine. But if you're the President of the United States and you don't know how to send email then you are out of touch with 80%+ of the people you are supposed to be representing.

This is not a political endorsement as much as a cry to McCain to take a computer lesson or two; and why he'sat it, maybe someone can lecture Palin about Internet Security? I'd hate to see her become President and change the missile launch code to "1-2-3."

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Anonymous said...

1-2-3? Hey, that's the same launch code I use for my own missile silos. What a coincidence!