Monday, September 8, 2008

10 Million for this?

You want to know what's wrong with Microsoft? Watch the video below. I'm not a Microsoft hater. I used to like them! I really did! But they keep coming out with really bad products. I don't like Apple, but at least they can come up with a stable platform. Heck, even the guys and gals at Ubuntu (if you too hate Apple, and are tired of bad Microsoft products, Ubuntu is a great OS once you get used to it) know how to get the job done, and that's free!

If you don't know about the video, basically Microsoft decided they'd go up against the Mac ads that have been running the last couple years; they are going to spend 300 million dollars on the ad campaign. And they pay Seinfeld 10 million to do the commercials. All that money and resource, and the below video is the best they can do!


Nellodee said...

I was very surprised to find out at the end of the commercial that it was for Microsoft, it having no references to computers in the commercial other than a suggestion that they be made out of cake. This lead me to believe that maybe Microsoft really was going to start making cake computers. I think a certain company needs to fire their ad agency.

Scott Douglas said...

I'm just trying to figure out why, of all the people they could have picked to be Seinfeld's buddy, they got Bill Gates; he's not even in charge of the company anymore.

Anonymous said...

I was actually pretty surprised at *just how stupid* this commercial really was.... Guess it they were going for "wtf?" response.