Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Does She Still Got It

Does Toni Morrison still have what it takes to depress and confuse readers? Fans will find out just in time for Christmas, when Morrison's latest novel, "A Mercy," about slave trading (what a surprise...I really thought she'd do sci-fi) on November 11th.

I'm not saying I'd be happy to have this book under the Christmas tree (I wouldn't), but the books synopsis says it's a prelude to Beloved, which makes it sound interesting. Maybe reading this book will help me understand what the heck that book was about, because between all the thick-love and weird imagery I didn't know what was going on.

Also, coming to bookstores "Where's Waldo? The Complete Collection" (October 14)


Roland Saint-Laurent said...

And you call me a racist. Anyhow, this book could prove interesting, or it might be the "Episode I" of slave trading novels.

As for Where's Waldo, kindly tell the readers why you added that!

Scott Douglas said...

Ever since you started grad school, you have had an elitist attitude towards everything. There was a day where you would put Waldo and Toni Morrison in the same category. Just because Waldo only has picture doesn't mean it shouldn't be read in uses a great deal of analytical thinking--some say more analytical thinking then one must have to read Morrison.