Monday, September 15, 2008

10 Million for This, Bill Gates/Seinfeld - Part II

I'm afraid. I believe I've lost the ability to laugh. One of the funniest men who ever graced my TV screen is in a commercial, and I simply cannot laugh.

Part II of the continuing saga (one can only hope Seinfeld gets a Mac and stops with these ads) was aired last week, and, like the first one, it sucked!

The reason Microsoft has been on the decline lately is quite simple: they simply cannot learn a lesson. Apple should have thought them that world wants simple and stylist, but, like their operation system, this commercial is fat, ugly, and makes no sense.

Shouldn't a commercial about Microsoft have Windows somewhere in it? Maybe just a logo at the end? Or heck, how about a computer somewhere in that house running, oh, I don't know--Windows?!

Instead it's our good friends Bill and Jerry living with some random family because they want to connect. Why do they want to connect? I have no idea.

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