Monday, June 16, 2008

You Complete Me, Google

Is anyone else getting a little afraid of Google lately? Google satellite was a nice idea, then they introduced Street View, and thoughts of big brother is watching quickly came to mind--it was both cool and creepy all at once.

Everyday it seems something is added under the Google umbrella, and I can't help but wonder when I too will be cast under the umbrella...nothing more than a subsidiary of the Google Corporation (note to reader: this blog is owned by Google, so I kind of already am).

Well to creep me out just a little more, Google has generously offered to help me manage my medical records! How nice of them, right? Um...well sort of I guess. Google is full of great ideas, but maybe it's time for them just to simmer down before they control the world.

Maybe their next great idea can be Google Puppies; everyone likes puppies. There's nothing creepy about that...I need something un-creepy this time around, Google!

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