Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Wiki Book Project

I don't like the word Web 2.0. Some of you already know this. It's gimmicky, and really nothing more then rhetoric used by snobby lecturers at conferences no one wants to be at--for some reason these people believe the word can best be describe with a PowerPoint Presentation that is pretty, but makes no sense.

There is one good thing about the word. It's got people talking about the idea of Wiki. I believe Wiki is what the Web was made for--it brings a diverse group of people together to create something collaboratively that can be used to help the masses.

I read recently about a new Bible translation going on as a Wiki project. Only time will tell if the project is a success; I find it hard to believe that something like the Bible can be translated by scholars and amateurs alike and not have serious bias and debates arise. Regardless of the outcome, it's a fascinating experiment.

The idea of teamwork has never been so exciting! It's no longer about working closely with people you work with; it's about working closely with people you have never once meant!

One of the reasons I posted "The Library Tree" not just as an electronic book, but as a Wiki book was because I was curious to see how many people take it seriously, how many people take it as fun, and how many people try to vandalize the effort people are making. In reality I think it takes all three for such an experiment to work.

There needs to be people on a Wiki project who is all about order and structure; someone who just wants to be silly and have fun; and someone all about making waves.

So whoever you are, take those creative energies and put them to use...

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