Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Office Spinoff?

I'm a huge fan of The Office and a sometimes fan of Flight of the Conchords, so imagine my joy when I heard a new project was at work that combines both! I've heard the rumors of an Office spin off for a few months, but as networks are scrabbling to figure out what to debut in the coming year it looks like those rumors might actually come true. Here's a story about the spin fingers are crossed that it will come true.

And speaking about things from down under (the Conchords are sort of from down under if you count New Zealand), "Quiet, Please" got a mention in The Age, one of the bigger news papers down there; see that review here. I didn't even know it had been published down there (and by a different publisher at that!) my book has basically hit, or will hit soon, every continent in the world except South America, Africa, and the Antarctica!

Also, for everyone not in Florida, the Tampa Tribune had a nice review of Quiet, Please here...

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