Monday, June 16, 2008

Give the Jerk a Chance!

A few weeks, I mentioned Roland (from the book) had started a blog; he started it, in part, because of me. He was gripping about having a blog but no one visiting it; I told him it's because he never writes anything on it, and so for the past few weeks he has tried to write stuff on a regular bases.

His blog is bitter, vulgar, insensitive, snotty, egocentric, and, at times, laugh at loud funny! Sometimes he comes off sounding like a complete jerk, but I for one say give the jerk a chance by visiting his blog today! You just may find yourself completely not disappointed.

Today his blog was on the txt to reference service Cha, Cha, and I couldn't help but nod in agreement with everything he said. Both of us were all about Cha, Cha when it came out; we had high hopes that one day we would be replaced by a cell phone sitting where librarians once sat. After using the service almost religiously, we both have come to the firm conclusion that Cha, Cha sucks. We've asked simple questions and got wrong answers on more then one occasion.

If you have a horror story of your own about Cha, Cha, feel free to post it below in the comment section.


Roland Saint-Laurent said...

Thanks for recommending my site again. Must be something about ChaCha. I'd say "thanks for the kind words," but what kind words?

Anonymous said...

One time I asked Cha Cha what the healthiest fast food restaurant was and they told me Trader Joe's. Uh, Trader Joe's is a grocery store! Duh! That was the first and last time I used Cha Cha.