Thursday, June 26, 2008

ALA Away & Other Things I Wanted to Say

I hope everyone is enjoying that free book; I've had several hundred downloads, so I'm glad to know a few people got it. It's already been converted to Kindle format (as well as an iPod notes format, iPhone format, and several other formats) here! So if you have a eReader, then go there and see if there's a compatible version for you.

Just reminder to all those going to ALA Anaheim this week, I will be at a panel called "First Authors, First Books."

To get ready for the panel, my wife gave me a haircut. She's given me plenty of haircuts (she used to cut hair for a living), but this is the first time she let me play my Xbox while she cut it; it was perhaps one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It takes a truly gifted woman to cut hair while someone is playing a game!

Also, to all you Louisiana readers, I'll be speaking at the Louisiana Book Festival in October; come hear me speak if you live in the area!

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