Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wii Fit vs. Wii Strip Pole?

In just a few weeks, Americans will take the Wii Fit challenge. While gamers turned exercisers do there best to stay fit, a new fitness game, of a different kind of aerobics, is in development. What is it? The strip pole! Read about it here.

With all the buzz about libraries buying Wii's, I have to wonder...will any libraries being using it for adult programming in the future?


Roland Saint-Laurent said...

"sex in the library"
"strip pole"

I am shocked at how prurient your posts are becoming! What's the deal?

Imleavinghome said...

My library has a wii... 3 of the librarians go down to the basement on there lunch hour and play it for more than an hour... its actually really funny to watch.