Monday, May 26, 2008

Gas Blues?

Alaska officially became the first state to average 4 bucks a gallon at the pump; some are predicting other states to be at 5 dollars by the end of the summer. Some say in the near future 10 dollars a gallon might happen; MSN had an article about what will happen to the economy if it does. It's probably about time everyone starts thinking about what to do to save on gas. The obvious is public transportation; but if you are like me, a native Californian, that is a sin (plus the public transportation out here sucks!). What are you to do?

If you are the type of person who would rather just find easy tips and tricks to saving instead of buying something that actually does save on gas, then this how to will definitely help you out.

For the proactive types who want to invest some money into saving on gas, here are some other solutions:
  • If you are the biking type, this half bike/half scooter will set you back about 1500, but will save you a bunlde at the pump in the long run.
  • If you have seen "Who Killed the Electric Car," and are passoionate enough about it to actually buy an electric car, then this site will give you all the info you need. You can also sign the petition on the site to protest how mad you are that this practical car was killed.
  • If you hate the look of electric/hybrid cars, and have money to spare, then check out this car.
  • If you are into small, then the Zap Car may be for you.
  • A few months ago, India made the news for making a car for $2,500; the great thing about it (aside from the price), is it actually gets good MPG. You'll have to import it if you want it, and it probably won't be street legal here, but maybe in a few years.
  • Finally, my next car if the prices keep going up, the Smart Car. These cars have been around for years in Europe, but they're still catching on here. I'm one of the odd America's that doesn't have a fetish for large monster trunks or SUVs. I'm fine with small--especially when it saves me a bundle in gas.

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Anonymous said...

Another tip is not to speed. Which, if your foot is as heavy as mine, might take a while to get used to.