Monday, February 18, 2008

Support A Good Cause

Most of you readers probably aren't reading this from work, so you are likely not I will be quick. This Presidents day while all you full-timers are enjoying the day off doing nothing and getting paid, consider doing something something that makes a difference in the world while supporting the field of librarianship.

Some of you are aware, but many of you aren't, of a Canadian non-profit group called "Librarians Without Borders." It's basically the librarian response to Doctors Without Borders. They started a couple years back and now have a little more then 500 members. It's a great organization to get involved with because it's so new, and they'll take just about any help you can give them.

To all you part-timers enjoying this day off with no holiday pay, I feel your pain! I'm a part-timer at four (yes four!) different jobs. Rest assured, however, that membership to this organization is free! You can't argue that.

Get inovolved today:

Now enjoy the rest of your holiday...

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