Thursday, February 7, 2008

ALA Anaheim Conference

A few of you know that I will be speaking this summer at the ALA conference in Anaheim. If you didn't, I will be speaking at the ALA conference in Anaheim. I'll have more details on that soon, but what I have so far is my date will be Sunday, June 29. I will also be signing autographs at the Perseus Books Group booth probably the same day I am speaking, but none of that is for sure.

If you have never gone to the conference, I encourage you to go and at least see what they are about. If you hate it, it's literally across the street from Disneyland this year, so there's plenty of other things to do! If amusement parks don't cut it, come see me at the library I work at in Anaheim...I'll give a tour!

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I'll be at ALA, but as an FOL member, I don't have access to a pass to the exhibits. Where can I score one, as I'm already out of pocket a big chunk due to hotel room, 2 event tickets and GAS. Please let me know any suggestions. Thanks