Monday, February 11, 2008

Let Me Explain...

A lot of people have responded to those library invitations...mostly positive things. One person did wonder if perhaps this whole marriage thing was some sort of twisted publicity stunt because my book comes out the two days after the wedding. It's a logical question that can be summed up quite nicely with a simple no.

Actually, when we set the date, the publication date had not even crossed my mind, and once it did I couldn't have been more thrilled. There are things more important then books and work; one such thing is Diana. The fact that we get to start our new life together right about the same time I get to start a new venture of sorts with my book is fantastic news to me!

If there's actually a person out there who will miss this blog for the week that my book is out, then rest assured I have taken care of you! Roland, who has a few key scenes in the book, has agreed to be a guest blogger that week. I wish I could have found someone more skilled, more tasteful, and more...well basically more, but he was the best of what's left. I am sorry for letting you down. Actually, he's a fine writer with great ideas and I think you'll get a kick out of his thoughts. You can see a little about him by going to his MySpace page ( He also has a blog of his own that we rarely updates, but I can't recall the address.

Also, I should note that I unintentionally failed to mention to people who help Diana & I greatly as we cut and prepared all the invitations. Those two people are Joyce & Amy. To make amends for my failure to mention them and their help earlier, I will promote here an art show that Amy has put together in Los Angeles for Stephen Tompkins( The Found Gallery has put on some great exhibitions in the past (Devendra Banhart, Cold War Kids bassist Matt Maust, and McSweeney's author Salvador Plascencia...just to name a few), and this exhibition will surely match them. So if your in the L.A. area check it out! To Joyce...I'm sorry I have nothing to promote except the fact that Diana is lucky to have you as a friend!

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