Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Library Tree

Several years ago I took upon myself to write something that is rarely ever done any more: a folktale. It is likely never to have mass is not a series, it does not have some character who is marketable, and, in short, does not have brand name potential.

It's a simple story about the tree that grows all library books, and the young boy who discovered it all. I think it's funny, but some people say I have incredibly bad taste. I plan to read from this book occasionally when I tour in support of my memoir Quiet, Please.

You can be the first to read it, however, as I have set aside a hundred of these books; they are each numbered, signed and dated. I plan to print no more then 500 copies of this book, and then stop unless it's one day picked up by a publisher.

There is a picture book of this book also in the works, and it will be printed just as soon as I get the illustrations back from the artist.

For the next three days, starting today, I will publish the first three chapters of this story. Enjoy!

If you would like to buy one of the first 100 copies printed, go to:

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