Monday, November 12, 2007


Hello People(s),

You have probably stumbled upon this page to see my photo diary from CLA; if so great! They are right below!

I hope you come back and visit often; I am doing my best to keep this page updated often with news, anedotes, notes, and, starting very soon, an original piece of fiction (a library folktale actually). You don't even have to stop by often...just click on that little button on the side of the page, and Google Reader will tell you when the page has been updated. You can even set it up to email right to your mailbox.

This is not another library blog. There are enough of those out there. This is simply my diary of thoughts and ramblings.

If you like news and stories that poke fun of the madness and insanity of the religious world, then you might also want to click on over to my other blog: I'm also trying to update this on a more regular bases.

I hope we meet again. Thank you, that is all.

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