Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Through the Ages

I've have made some bad costume choices over the years (like the year I went as a raggae man complete with's really a wonder someone didn't shoot me). Luckily I can only find photos from the past few.

Gilligan has never looked so scary; what's the deal with that smile?

Probably the easiest costume I ever was basically normal library attire with a name badge that said "Ji'm." I spent the entire day having the following dialog with patrons/staff: "Why didn't you dress up?" "I did. I'm Jim from The Office." "This isn't a office?" "It's a TV show." Then they would walk away disappointed that I didn't try harder.

I put on so much make up to try and look pail. And yes, I actually owned that purple blazer before I wore this costume. I bought it during my "I want dress like Arsenio Hall" phase.

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hawkins said...

Perhaps they were only fans of the BBC version. You could've gone as Tim from the Office.

I was Shawn from Shawn of the Dead this halloween (and my wife the girl zombie) ...and no one got it either. So don't feel bad.