Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

I love Halloween; it's my one chance a year to dress up and not have people say I'm weird. Each year I devote months of planning to deciding what I can wear that would be kind of library themed; usually I come up with nothing, and end up wearing the cheapest thing I find at the store.

This year I came up with somehting perfect for libraries! Mark Twain! It was cheap to make, and easy to put on. What wasn't to love? The only problem was apparently no one knows who Mark Twain is. All day long people came up to me saying, "What a great Groucho Marx's costume," "Cool, your Charlie Chaplin," or "That Eisnstein get-up makes you look so smart." It made me depressed! No one guessed my literary themed costume. Then a homeless, drunk man came into the library in drag, and said, "Who are you supposed to be? Mark Twain?" You can always count on the homeless to cheer you up!

Later in the day I took off the wig and got even more compliments by people who thought I was dressed either Amish or like a Orthodox Jew.

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Jen said...

At least they knew you were dressed up?