Monday, March 16, 2009

Quiet, Please For Kindle

Quiet, Please  has at last found it's way onto Kindle. I've been hearing about people boycotting books that are over $9.99...sadly, my book falls into the above $9.99 price. At $15 it's still cheaper than the hardback.

I wish I had more say in how the book is formatted...I would have rewrote it for Kindle because footnotes on that device can be frustrating, and text box's just do not fit.

I also had to buy a copy of my own book to have it on my Kindle, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. Authors usually get ten to twenty free copies of any editions, but I guess this doesn't apply to electronic.

1 comment:

lakeviewer said...

Sorry, not for me. When the real book is still available in paper form, I don't need another tool when the old one does its job.