Monday, March 9, 2009

Did You Watch It?

I didn't make it out to the cinema this weekend to see Watchmen, but it seems like everyone else did. Check out Roland (from the book) review of Watchmen...I can say with certainty that he gets one thing right--the My Chemical Romance cover of Dylan's "Desolation Row" is HORRIBLE.

Watch the video below and see for themselve...I think what happened is some guy in a suit said, "Hey, the Watchmen people will pay you a bundle of money if you cover a Bob Dylan song." And they said, "Who the heck is Bob Dylan? He sounds old." And the guy in the suit said, "It doesn't matter. Here's the words. Just play it super fast. The important thing is that you let the guitar sound more important then lyrics." And why did Watchmen pay them lots of money? Because they knew the song would be horrible, and if the movie was bad there is no possible way it could be as bad as the cover.

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Kay said...

I saw it on Saturday, I really liked it and I don't think it is too hard to follow if you haven't read the graphic novel. Some pretty gory bits though!

Ohh my that is baaad