Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend (Un)Funnies

Last night, President showed off his lighter side at the Alfalfa Club Dinner only to reveal that he has no lighter side. The Alfalfa Club Dinner was started about 100 years ago to be a place for politicians to go for a night on the town--where tongue and cheek remarks are kept off the record (which is to the news has to wait a full thirty minutes before someone leaks what was said).

In the the spirit of the dinner, Obama told a few zingers of his only. Maybe it's just me, but he most have the most unfunny speech writers alive, because the jokes are really lame. Hasn't his staff figured out that celeberities are in love with him? All they had to do was pick up the phone and called Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, or like 200 other comedians who are all in love with him--they would have helped him out by offering better jokes then: If General Robert E. Lee was alive today he would be very confused.

Read some of the hightlight jokes below, and you tell me if I'm the only one who things these are unfunny:

"I am seriously glad to be here tonight at the annual Alfalfa dinner. I know that many you are aware that this dinner began almost one hundred years ago as a way to celebrate the birthday of General Robert E. Lee. If he were here with us tonight, the general would be 202 years old. And very confused."

"Now, this hasn't been reported yet, but it was actually Rahm's idea to do the swearing-in ceremony again. Of course, for Rahm, every day is a swearing-in ceremony."

"But don't believe what you read. Rahm Emanuel (Obama's chief of staff) is a real sweetheart.

"No, it's true. Every week the guy takes a little time away to give back to the community. Just last week he was at a local school, teaching profanity to poor children."

"But these are the kind of negotiations you have to deal with as president. In just the first few weeks, I've had to engage in some of the toughest diplomacy of my life. And that was just to keep my BlackBerry.

"I finally agreed to limit the number of people who could e-mail me. It's a very exclusive list. How exclusive?

"Everyone look at the person sitting on your left. Now look at the person sitting on your right. None of you have my e-mail address."

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