Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Branch Davidians

I went to a messed up junior high school. In 10th grade I found out my 8th grade homeroom teacher (who was pushing forty, had kids, and was married) was caught having sex with a boy two years younger then me in her parked car. This was not the first teacher at the school caught with students...there had actually been two other cases.

The most shocking thing that happened with a teacher for me personally had nothing to do with sex. It was in 8th grade when I found out my 7th keyboarding teacher, Ms. Jewell had been killed in Waco, Texas. She had run off to join David Koresh and the Branch Davidians; she died, but her daughter was the one who infamously appeared before Congress and admitted that she was molested by Koresh while he read the Bible to her.

My memories about Ms. Jewells were recently rekindled after watching "Waco: Rules of Engagement." I have posted my thoughts about Ms. Jewell, the cult and the movie on DisturbedChristian if you have any interest in Waco.

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