Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Can't Save...Can You?

A lot of people are in the same boat right now...out of a job, less hours at a job, or seeking a new job entirely. Personally, I went from working 30 to 40 hours a week to working 10 to 15.

The loss of hours forced my wife and I to cut back and completely change the way we lived; sometimes our plans to save works, and other times--not so much.

A few weeks ago, I started jotting down different things we've did to save; there were a number of ways, and that list grows often, so I decided to put some of them on a new blog called, I Can't Save.

Maybe you'll find a few things useful there. If you have ways that you save, then I hope you share them with me, as I probably can use them on the blog. If you do, then send them to me at scottdouglas@scottdouglas.org

1 comment:

lakeviewer said...

I just found your blog, intrigued by the title, interested in the topics you cover.
I do hope you and the wife become employed soon. In the meantime, go volunteer where your skills are appreciated, and where you can connect with people your age and with your interests.

I have just become one of your followers. Good luck.