Monday, January 19, 2009

What's a Disturbed Christian(s)

Partly to prove that Christian writing doesn't have to be preachy, and partly because I just think there should be more of it out there then there is, I have created a new blog with the help of a few others. This basically replaces my other blog ChristianHumorist, which is not very active anymore...unlike that blog, this blog is all true, and the contributions come from more then one person. So what is it...

DisturbedChristians was created as a place to tell stories about ways that religion has wronged people; more importantly it is a place for sarcasm, humor, and anecdotal true accounts of when faith and culture collide. And redemption? Yeah, we guess we’ll have to drag our feet and include a bit of that too—we are Christians after all—but we promise it won’t be preachy or anything like that, because nothing makes a blog blow more than people telling you that you can go to heaven.

This week, we have blogs scheduled to be about posted why you might want to consider some act of great sin if you really want to fit into church, how the church prayer chain closely resembles an episode of Gossip Girl, and how hearing about the end of the world might just scare the grace of God right out of you. We have much more to say in the weeks to come—stories about how the heck anyone found love and grace in a movie as painfully disturbing as The Passion of the Christ, about camps where people where up to no good, and, the awkwardly naughty phrase “Christian sex”—if thought your sex life had no passion, you haven’t heard anything yet!

So, please, come check us out; we’ll do our best not to disappoint you. If you have your own story to tell, we want to hear from you! We can’t pay you anything, but if you believe you can buy your way into heaven, then this might just be your ticket!

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