Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Funnies

Today's Weekend Funnies is more of a Weekend :-( as several news agencies are reporting that Mad Magazine will no longer be a monthly. The news came after years of the magazine experimenting with different page layouts in hopes of getting more readers (you just weren't the same when you went from black to color...there's no humor in color...everyone knows that).

The magazine will now be published four times a year as a quarterly. When asked to comment, the magazine said, "What, me worry?" The now cliche Mad phrase wasn't even funny this time was just sad.

Mad monthly, you shall be missed.


Helen said...

Wow. It's the end of an era, as I grew up on MAD magazine. Actually I thought the end was near once MAD started taking ads, but that seemed to work out. Well, maybe the quality will pick up again. Thanks for the post.

Mike Schau said...

I learned the importance of satire from Mad, from the early early 60's on. I hope it never folds although it is rather low level and crude now.