Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quiet, Please: The TV Show?

When Quiet, Please first came out, people who handled buying things for people like Brad Pitt and George Clooney all came knocking and asking to have copies to look at. Nothing obviously came of any of this, but it was nice to be noticed. Shortly thereafter, I began working on a script for a possible TV pilot based loosely on the book with Andy Sweat.

This also was shuffled around studios to no avail—such the life of most TV pilots, I’m afraid. As of now, the script is in the hands of no one but Andy and myself, and I’ve decided to put it on my website for download (I’d put it here, but it’s a full script and thus too long) for your enjoyment…so enjoy!

Follow the link to read away. If you enjoy it (or heck, you absolutely hated it), post a comment below so Andy and I can take the flattery that at least someone read it!

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Miss Emily said...

Great script! I can see it happening in public libraries across the country. Every library has people who personify the stereotypes in the story and on most days I find it amusing to watch.