Monday, August 11, 2008

It's a Miracle? NO! It's Creepy

MSN ran a story last week about a woman who cloned her beloved dog; she claimed it was a miracle. It's not! It's weird.

The woman claims the dog saved her life, and she couldn't live without it. Touching. It really is. But you can't bring back the dead...unless you're Jesus (and, FYI, they had pictures of the dog and it's no Jesus). Did anyone see the "This American Life" episode on Showtime about the cloned animal? The thing acted inbred, and would attack the owner. It wasn't the same at all! And even if it was it would be weird, and completely wrong.

When you mess with the laws nature, you set yourself up for disaster. I've seen "A.I.," so don't try and tell me I'm wrong about this!

The best (i.e. most disturbing) part of the story is she sold her home to cover the 50,000 dollars to replace it. What happens when this new batch of dogs die? I hope she's saving up. Personally, I think she should have used that 50,000 dollars and got the best psychiatrist she could get.


Anonymous said...

Oh I think the weirdest part of the story is that she is a Mormon molesting kidnapper

Anonymous said...

Can we say "Pet Cemetary," kids?