Thursday, August 14, 2008

Free Music Download

The Cold War Kids have new CD coming out in September (Loyalty to Loyalty), and have released a single off the record for free; follow that link, and you'll have the song for free.

You won't be's by far the catchy song I've heard all year; it's not there best song (my personal favorite is "Saint John" and "Quiet, Please" (no I did not name my book after it)), but it is the most radio accessible, pop-like, and, like I said, catchy!

I give my guarantee (which really amounts to nothing) that this song is going to be big once radio stations start pushing it.

Last year Rolling Stone called them one of the best new acts around; download the song and see why. Feel free to comment your thoughts below when you hear it...


Anonymous said...

Great song! Thanks for the link.

unlimited music downloads said...

Cold war kids is great band, I hope to listening song from them coming soon.