Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Diaries Interview

Thanks to an anonymous tipster who passed along a link to a video interview with the author of The Library Diaries.

It’s 30 minutes long. For those who don’t want to sit through it, here’s some highlights:

Wrote the book of fiction as a public service announcement to tell the world that there are pedophiles in the library.

She also wanted to raise questions about whether or not a sex offender should be allowed to have children.

She believes that libraries should not let sex offenders in if the library is open to children.

She does not believe an adult sex offender can be cured.

She spent over ten minutes talking about the pedophiles and porn seekers of her library. The only time she mentioned someone who came into the library that was not a pedophile was mentally challenged.

Libraries were better when computers were not there

People shouldn't donate money to shelters that help the homeless. They are there for a reason. They should help themselves

Something is causing her community to have a low IQ. She has lived in other places, and says her community is the dumbest

Encourages someone to write a book about her

It's a good idea not to have kids if both parents have diabetes. That way we want have flawed people in society


Roland Saint-Laurent said...

Scott, do you like ANY library memoir that isn't written by you?

Anonymous said...


Did you view the video? Ms. Sterns Hamilton the writer of "The Library Diaries," says some really far-out fetched stuff not only about the library, but the community in which she lives.

Anonymous said...

People shouldn't donate money to shelters that help the homeless. They are there for a reason. They should help themselves.

Has this person actually seen a homeless person? Most homeless I see really can't help themselves!

Plus, I hate to sound preachy, but I don't remember Jesus ever telling a poor person, "Get it together, buddy!"

Is this the book that was published by Publish America?

Scott Douglas said...


Not really a lot books to pick from, but "Library: An Un Quiet History" by Matthew Battles and
"The Book on the Bookshelf" by Henry Petroski are two great reads; they are more library memoirs then librarian memoirs...

Anonymous said...

By the way, thanks for inspiring me to write a blog about it. I really need some inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I sat through the first five minutes of that interview before I threw off my headphones in disgust. The woman is the epitome of a backwoods redneck. I'm from the same state as her, and I've seen far worse than she has... for her to be so judgmental about her community leaves me feeling like she needs to have her MLIS revoked. Personally, I'm glad she was fired.

Scott Douglas said...

Does she have a MLIS? I was under the assumption that she was only a library assistant? Maybe I'm wrong?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that she stated she attended a college but never says that she earned a degree.

My guess.

She didn't earn a degree.

Anonymous said...

Ann Miketa aka Sally Stern Hamilton is a library assistant.

So much for the accuracy of news stating she was a Librarian, and also that she was fired for writing her book. Both Wrong!!!!

Here is a link, with quotes from her boss Mr. Dickson.....