Monday, April 21, 2008

Wrapping Up...

This week went good for "Quiet, Please." Reviews in USA Today, Pop Matters, and the OC Register helped get the books sales was even sold out for a brief moment on Amazon.

Then the weekend came and even more good reviews came in. It was listed as a Discovery book in Sunday's LA Times Review of Books (who said it, "given us closet librarians an appreciation of what that job entails"), given a quite extensive, and good, review in The Scotsman (so I guess now I'm global), who said, "There is a rich vein of humour in the book, at times wry and at others boisterous, like a Douglas Coupland slacker hero relocated from the world of e-commerce." And Finally, down in Florida, Solares Hill said it was, "a good read, often funny and occasionally thought-provoking."

I have three upcoming radio appearance, rumors of more book reviews, and Flaunt Magazine will be excerpting a portion of the book in a summer hopefully the book will continue to do well. Thanks to all of you who have supported me from the books get go...please keep spreading the word!

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