Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Insanity @ the Library

We have our first winner for the "Insanity @ the Library" photo contest! Thanks to this fine library lover, who reminds us no guns are allowed inside the library! Stayed tuned next week for the next winner.

Just a reminder, it's not too late to enter. Just submit your photo to scottdouglas@scottdouglas.org.

Thanks to Judy for this!

Her favorite library: San Diego County Library, Poway Branch

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Chris Martin said...

This reminds me of an incident we just had at the law school library where I work. A patron had on a Western-style outfit that included a Stetson-style hat, tight jeans, boots, big buckle...and a large, holstered hunting knife. I had to gently remind him that a knife is a weapon, and weapons are not allowed in the library. I didn't say, "Especially when the knife has no utilitarian purpose other than gutting."

It's funny, though, because our assistant director mentioned how many people walk into the federal courthouse near us, set off the metal detector, and are like, "Oh yeah, I have a knife on me!" Apparently people get so used to carrying a knife around that they forget about when it isn't such a great idea.