Monday, January 11, 2010

The Future of Magazines

I have long said the future of eReaders isn't in books as much as magazines; yes, I do like the idea of reading ebooks, because they're convenient, but I have not entirely replaced my reading with Kindle, and I don't suspect I will in my life.

Magazines are a different story; I hate the idea of having to throw away a magazine each week; it's a waste of paper and ink. But I also hate how they look on Kindle, and the general lack of good magazine subscriptions on Kindle.

If someone comes out with an electronic solution for magazines that actually works, than I'm more than willing and ready to ditch print magazines in favor of electronic ones.

Sports Illustrated demoed their version of what a magazine should look like, and it was so amazing it made me want to subscribe despite the fact that I hate sports. Take a look at the videos below and you'll get the idea:

Popular Science also demoed their vision; it's a longer video, but equally impressive.

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SD said...

Yeah, this is the sort of stuff that will wind up selling me on E-readers. Books are forever. Magazines, newspapers - these are transient, I throw them out every day - these, I could happily consume digitally.