Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Signing Off…

Well, the wedding is literally days away, and I just wanted to write quickly and say this is my last post for a week or two.

Thanks to all of you who have read loyally over the last few months, and thank you even more to all those who have bought, stolen, or reserved my book at your local library. It’s nice to know you care.

Next week, as I have previously said, Roland (aka Roland from the book (he has the big intermission/interview right smack in the middle of the book)) will invade this blog. I do not know what he will say, though I’ve given him permission to say whatever he likes. I have suggested he spend the entire week telling everyone what a jerk I am. Whatever the case, Roland is the best of what’s left so just be nice! You'll probably like him more than me, and will be sad when I return.

When I return in April, I will have an update regarding that book give away contest. And no it’s not too late to enter, so by all means, enter away! And to those who have read the book already, let me know what you think…even if it’s bad. I do greatly appreciate your correspondents.

All the best until I return,
Scott Douglas

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Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and Diana as you begin to live the rest of your lives together. Mozel tof (and I'm not even Jewish)!