Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday…You Old Fart!

Yesterday, I received a letter from my healthcare provider; it seemed very friendly, and I didn’t think anything of it…until I read it! My birthday is just around the corner, and, apparently, they just wanted to give me an early present—a present to the tune of $25.00 extra to my bill each month!

According to the friendly letter, because I am getting older I am more likely to get sick and go to the doctor.

I’m not a big Michael Moore fan, but his last documentary made a good point: U.S. health care sucks! Over the past four years I have spent over $3,000 dollars on health insurance. I went to the doctor exactly once. So when they say I’m now older and now have to pay more money, what does that mean? That over the next four years I might see the doctor twice so I need to pay an extra 300 annually?

Next year for my birthday, I think I’ll just ask my health care provider for a sucker…come to think of it all they have to do is buy me a mirror and every time I’d look into the mirror I’d see my sucker…

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