Thursday, December 20, 2007

Parking in the Rear

When I passed by the adult clothing/toy store, and saw the sign, "Parking in the Rear," I thought to myself, well that makes sense. But the store has caught my eye for more then just the convenient parking; it's caught my eye because everything about it screams, "The Family Man's Porno." It has the word couples in the title, so passersby’s will know that this is not your run of the mill pervert sex shop for lonely old men. It's window display is quite innocent; you almost expect there to be a children's section in the store. There's even a nice Christmas tree on display in the window, because, as everyone knows, every wife would just love for her husband to do her Christmas shopping there. Just think of how fun it will be to explain to your kids why mommy's present under the tree won't stop vibrating! But if this store is a sign of the times, then porn has become a family affair.

It kind of seems to be the way we do business these days; advertise everything, from porn to movies as a family affair. It used to be adults had their movies to go to, kids had there's, and once or twice a year a family flick would come out that everyone could agree with. Times have changed. So I guess it makes sense that we market our porn to families.

I had a friend whose kid watched his siblings play shoot 'em up army-style video games; eventually the kid, would army-crawl instead of real crawl because that's what he was seeing on the TV; his older brother (only 4 or 5 himself) would go around telling people he liked to kill people. Kids are becoming adults very quick these days, so I'm happy that there are family-oriented porn stores to accommodate them.

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