Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Dreamt of David Foster Wallace

I had a dream about David Foster Wallace that was borderline erotic, and I'm not sure what to make of it.

In this dream I was at a party; one of those Gatsby type party's where people stand around drinking cocktails and trying to be social. From the corner of my walks David Foster Wallace. He's not dressed nice like everyone else; he looks right out of a book jacket photo. I walk up to Wallace and say, "Hey, aren't you David Foster Wallace?"

He grins and can apparently tell I'm a pretty big fan. This is where the dream gets weird. He says, "So you wanna hug."

I'm a bit taken a back by the suggestion, but tell myself, If David Foster Wallace wants to hug it up, then we will hug it up. So we embrace, and Wallace reaches behind and takes a squeeze at my rear.

How does one interpret a dream like this? I've spent some time think it over. It wasn't a sexual squeeze of the butt--it was more the excentric squeeze. And I'm quite certain Wallace wasn't gay in the dream, and I didn't get any pleasure from the squeeze (aside from the pride of being able to tell people that David Foster Wallace gave my hind a squeeze), so I'm certain I wasn't gay either. Plus my fiance was in the dream, and I was very happy when I was around her.

The weird thing about the dream was I haven't read or even thought about Wallace in quite sometime...how does he suddenly appear in my dream? And for the love of all things blue, what the heck was he doing grabbing by cheeks?


Anonymous said...

I once drempt I was hanging out with Sarah Vowell. She said she was cool with the whole "Christian" thing.

Jessamyn said...

I have a story abotu DFW which I will tell you the next time we are stuck at a library conference someplace.