Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My First iPhone App

Everyone is creating iPhone app these days; I figured it was about time to learn what it was all about. I spent the past two weeks learning the code and the features. I'm still learning.

Last week I started developing my first app...a very simple one to help you find the address and number of the libraries within your county. The first version only includes California. I hope to have an update up very soon with additional states.

The app is called LibFind, and today it was approved for sale. It can be purchased here (all money goes to paying for a poor librarian!).

I'm hoping to have some advance features implemented as I learn them. Below are a few screenshots.

For those interested in developing apps, it's not as hard as you think; it takes a lot of time and patience (and a Mac computer), but Apple offers plenty of tutorials.


Yuri-gene said...

I just posted on your wife's blog about how I will definitely be buying this app when it is available elsewhere - yay! I will of COURSE support a poor librarian, as I am currently searching for a librarian position myself.

zz said...

Hey, this is great. Hat's off to you for learning something new and giving it a go!

The Office Bride said...

Stumbled upon your blog! Thought you might like mine - we're havign a book themed wedding :)